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MTS1200 Fuel Level Indicator

I have what seems to be a problem on my 1200. After filling up with fuel and setting off for the first 50kms or so the fuel gauge drops to nearly half (and corresponding range info), and then after 50-60 kms it goes back up to full. Is anyone else having this problem? I can't believe that this is normal yet the dealership tell me nothing is wrong and it's just the fuel levelling out.

For 50 clicks ???

Anyone else with the same issues I would love to hear about it.
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Howdy !!

My wife and i have a Multi each Both have had fuel senders fail.
Mine went completely and hers randomly/intermittently

Speaking to the mechanics at the dealership its a very common problem.

and the fuel "levels out" while you are filling up the bike ive left the ignition on and watched rise as you fill. Sounds like your dealers having a lend of you.
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Do you turn off the dash completely when refueling? The manual says something about it not resetting if the dash is not turned off.
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I filled the tank on my '10 Multistrada last week. The next day I started the bike and a "Fuel Sensor Error" message was being displayed and the fuel level indicator was flashing and showing the tank as just about empty. I checked and the tank was full so I went riding.

After about 15 minutes the level indicator worked its way up to Full and the error message disappeared. Haven't seen the problem since then and it was the only time it happened since I've owned the bike.

Have you or anyone else seen this problem?
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Thanks all for your comments. Got the complete tank unit replaced under warranty after a bit of insistence to the dealer. Problem fixed. Cheers
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