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Just bought a Ducati ST4s

So, I'm not sure if I'm putting this in the right section or not, but like the tittle says I just got a ST4s. It's a 2002 model with about 15,000 miles on it. I drove it home yesterday, and it was idling a little rough and having a hard time starting, but was great to ride once I got it going. It had been sitting for a while, the guy I got it from said he had it running last in December. So I go to start it this morning and it made an attempt, but then nothining. I thought, mabey the battery since I charged it over night and it never got past 12.5 V. So I went and got a battery came back and now it wont even turn the starter. I've checked most of the connections that I could see and the fuses. The owners manual says there are three fuses placed behind the "control unit" to protect the relays of the injection system. I can't find those. Can anyone point me towards where they might be, or have any info on if there is some simple Ducati thing that I'm missing here? Yes I have the kickstand up when I'm trying to start it. I checked for voltage on the starter relay when I hit the ignition, so I'm not even getting juice to the starter. Also anyone got any ideas on a shop manual for this bike? It's 70 degrees and sunny out right now. It's drivin me nuts not being able to ride this thing. Also it's my only ride. I just sold my 93 VFR so I was getting quite used to electrical problems.
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