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Please Help

Hey all, glad to be on the forum. So I own a '65 Cadet 100 (maybe a '67 I just read as the shifter is foot operated?) It is in fairly good condition, I rebuilt the engine and cleaned everything up on the bike, but I need an exhaust flange nut. It holds the exhaust pipe to the cyl head, without it I can't start my bike up and ride it. I have looked and looked everywhere for one but can't find one. Does anyone out there know of one that is for sale? Or has one that is for sale? Hope you guys can help.

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hi John

here are some possible starting points. there is also a Ducati singles buff who lives in Canada, just can't remember his name (possibly Hobden). (beveldrive Ducatis including manuals and parts suppliers). (beveldrive Ducatis)

really good lists to be on:
Ducati: bevelheads to subscribe or unsubscribe visit
ducati pull- and push-rod engined bikes

possible suppliers in Australia are:
Ian Gowanloch +61 2 6946 2626
trading as italspares (on e-bay) Adelong, NSW, Australia
business days, hours & details are as follows: Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday 9.00 am - 5.00 pm
You can try and contact me on Mondays & Fridays, if I don't answer I might be out talking to cows, please leave a message and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. He is snowed under with requests for parts so he may not reply for a while.

Road and Race (Newcastle, NSW) (just make certain before you buy that the part is what you asked for)

European suppliers: Old Racing Spare Parts

good luck

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