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I just made my first post and I was immediately banned, what happened? has implemented a strict automated system that will attempt to catch frequent robotic spammers that visit this site. In order to prevent the site from being flooded with spam, we immediately place a ban on these users. This may have occured if your first post or two included web addresses we did not recognize (websites and photos). Sometimes we get it wrong as the system is yet to be perfected. We try to warn new users during registration, but it seems you may have missed it. If you are not a robot or spammer and would like to be reinstated, please answer a few questions.

When I attempt to submit a new thread, it fails stating the content is too short. Why?

If you see this message, you are probably using Internet Explorer 9. This is a bug associated with the browser and it is recommended that you change to another (Firefox, Chrome, etc). Unfortunately for the time being, the best thing to do is to switch your browser to compatibility mode (IE8).

I login, but then it immediately signs me out, what gives?

If you see a message at the top of the website stating you are browsing the incorrect domain, then you need to continue to rather than browse the old domain, Logging in from will no longer work properly!

Why can I not create a new thread or reply to a post?

You most likely have not confirmed your e-mail address. Check your spam folder if you have not received one yet. You may also request another one

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