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Sudden loss of power?

Hi everyone, I am a new 1098 owner. My first Ducati.

I was riding recently and went to accelerate from a stop light and suddenly my 1098 was slower than a 250 Ninja. I parked it, put it on the tender and rode it the next day and it was running 100% fine/normal. Did a few short rides since with no problems.

Has this happened to anyone else ever? My battery was pretty shot, is it possible a dead battery could cause this? Bad stater/alternator?

Events leading up to power loss:
-Battery needed replaced (I actually just installed a new lithium battery)
-Had bike off tender for 3-4 hours before the ride.
-cleaned/lubed chain
-added gas for the first time since ownership (used non-ethanol 90 octane, too low octane? should I use ethanol 93?)
-added 1/4 bottle of fuel injector cleaner
-first time riding the bike hard; close to redlining multiple times, a few small wheelies, etc.

Thanks in advance!!!
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Mine is doing something very similar. Battery is fine voltage regulator plug was fried. Ordered new regulator and going to wire it up in the morning
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Check you coils and coil wire and make sure there good, check the plugs too. I had the same issue before and notice that the horinzontal cyclinder headers wasn't getting hot so i check the coils and found the coil wire were stripped due to rubbing.
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