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Hot cat, fouled plug

I have a recurring issue with a fouled plug causing my 1098 to run on one cylinder, and one of the cats to glow VERY bright orange.

I can't remember which cylinder feeds into which pipe. I think horizontal into right hand pipe?

Unfortunately, I travel a bit and the bike sits on a battery tender for weeks at a time. This only seems to occur after a long layover.

There was a tiny bit of oil in the front plug well at one point, but I had no time to check that this morning while attempting to ride to work. Had to fall back on my daily rider, my UJM, a 2001 FZ1.

So, off home to change at least one plug to see if that solves the problem.

So, remind me, which one should I start with? Right hand pipe, horizontal cylinder?

Jim M.
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Ha! I remembered I had bought an infrared thermometer for AC work. Rear pipe was cool. And yeah, another fouled plug. Going to have to stop commuting on the Duc. May try a cooler than stock plug next time.
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