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Mooshy gas and soft brake lever

So I rode 220km (one way) to check out an 1198s (2009 with 25000km) and he wouldn't let me have a ride on it.
Only when I cough up the price for the bike as a deposit if I crash it.

Bike looks and sounds allright but the front brake feels a bit soft and easy to pull close to the handlebar.... 🤔?

Does the gas handle suppose to feel a lot softer and with a lot more turn then like say a S4Rs? (which I had)
Definitely not rapid gas.

Forgot to ask about it while talking.

Thanks in advance for the advice
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Brakes probably just need to be bled. The throttle can be a bit twitchy at low rpm. I would say it's more how the bike is mapped. If it doesn't accelerate smoothly past 3k rpm I would say there is a problem.
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