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just got a 2008 1098s...And it's got problems...

Hi all,

TL;DR: 1098s w/ only 2000 miles on it, sat for 6 years, corroded cylinder and head from electrolysis. need a vertical cylinder, and/or advice.

the long story:
In a nutshell: I just bought a 2008 1098s from a friend as a favor. (my first Duc) He's got medical issues and can't ride anymore. It had sat for 6 years without running, and unfortunately, electrolysis took it's toll. Did all the basic work (fluids, clean gas, change belts, new battery), fired it up and then everything went bad. The head gasket on the vertical cylinder blew because the corrosion on the cylinder and the head left space for blowthrough on the head gasket and so on. compression and leakdown on the horizontal cylinder looks okay so fingers crossed there isn't a similar issue happening there or on the water pump. it sucks, because otherwise, the bike is otherwise MINT condition with some choice upgrades.

So... i have a couple of options just to get it up and running:

1: find a good cylinder. New or used, don't care. Anyone got one? yeah, unless i get a response, then i'm looking at:
2: machine the cylinder. And this is where it gets tricky. The piston is a pop-up piston into the combustion chamber. spec calls for 1mm clearance at a certain timing point. how much can i safely machine off of the face of the head and cylinder total and still have a reasonable safety margin for clearance? .010= 1/4mm. is that a reasonable margin still? Can i weld and machine down? can i get the cylinder re-coated with the hard coating again if i have to get it welded and filled?


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The head might be salvageable...the nikasil coating can only get so thick

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Buy a used motor. Or part it out
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