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Small oil leak dripping from bottom. I tried a few steps and i'm stuck.

Hey guys. new member first post.

2008 1098 23k miles

I noticed the gauze plate and drain plug had a small oil drip coming off it. I put on a new oem plate gasket and drain plug washer. No luck.
Then I took off the gasket and used some RTV sealant and no luck. Then I replaced the brand new oil filter (Hiflo racing) that was on there with another incase it was defective and I bought an aftermarket drain plug so I didn't strip out the oem one. Still no luck.

This is where im at now:
Then I was told to check the oil cooler lines. They weren't lose but I was able to snug them up.
Also I wanted to degrease everything so I can get a better idea of where it could be coming from.
I did see some oil pooled in the lower case cover bolts but I dont know if that was slung in there.

I figured worse case the clutch case cover gasket might be bad but I can't find an exact part number for it. Does it use a gasket or some type of sealant? Also I can't find a single video of someone removing it.

I am semi mechanically inclined. I currently dont have any ducati tools.

Any help or tips would be appreciated.
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You need to get some ultraviolet engine oil dye and add it to the engine oil , then clean up the leaking oil on the engine with spray nine or something similar . Run the motor to get the oil to leak again and then with a ultraviolet light and glasses , go around the suspected area and the dye/engine oil will glow making it easier to find the source of the leak . Good luck
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