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Bike clicks near speedo, won’t start.

I suspect my problem is my starter. I turn the ignition one, everything is great. I hit the start button and I hear a click in front then no turnover. I turn the key off then on. Could be once or 10 times. Then boom, it starts. All me electrical and connections are good. I have the upgraded wireIng kit installed. It has larger cables to the starter. I know my problem must be typical. Ideas?
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I'd check, in this order:
solenoid connections, incl the tiny one hidden between two large wire conns.
low battery.
toasted, or even just aged, wiring or connections between battery, solenoid, starter.
corrosion or loose wires at relevant fuses. note large fuse upstream of solenoid.
bad or loose ground. anywhere on frame, but check the one by the ECU and of course the one from neg battery connection.
THEN.. check starter button, kill switch.

let us know how it goes.
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