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brake cable routing

Hi friends,
Can't tell for certain by looking at the pictures in the manual on CD. Should the brake cable on the right be on the outside of the right fork? As it is, when turning the fork all the way to the left, the cable binds between the fork and body panel. thanx,,,
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Hi Donnieko -
Just noticed this one. I used to offer help on here in the past, but don't come here very much these days.
Not such a simple question this, insofar as many of these bikes have had different master cylinders, handlebars and yokes (triple clamps) fitted.
But if yours has standard equipment, you should be able to rectify your clearance problem fairly easily. It IS all a bit crowded down there where everything has to clear through the arc of steering.
Firstly the brake "cable" - I'll have to assume you mean the hydraulic hose. It should run down the front edge of the RH fork, and be held by a plastic guide which clamps to the fork leg.
This clamp should hold the hose close to the front edge of the lower triple clamp. If you back off the Allen head bolt in it you can pivot it around the fork leg, which may help you get the clearance.
Where the hose leaves the underside of the master cylinder, it can be re-angled so the hose rests against the front of the fork tube. If it needs to be re-angled, just carefully loosen the banjo bolt minimally, just enough to allow you to pivot the hose so it gently rests against the fork. You don't want to allow air into the system or it will need to be bled.
If you have stock parts this should provide clearance from the headlight housing or whatever the hose is fouling on. We will have to assume the bike has been worked on by someone not familiar with working on these, so have a close look at other items which may have been misassembled.
It has probably had the forks out, and many don't take note of where that hose guide/clamp was positioned before dismantling. I hope this helps you to solve your issue.

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Page 222 - 229 Hydraulic front brake
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Yes, I had the fork seals replaced. Thank you for the detailed reply...
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