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Interesed to buy Ducati 1098 2007 with 35K on dash


I'm trying to buy a Ducati 1098 from 2007 year with 35K kilometers on dashboard, price is 5500EUR/5900USD

The seller mentioned that:
- Valve service has been done
- Belts service has been done

When I asked him for the oil, he said that "It was changed" and I was like "Which oil did you put in" and he answered "I do not know but when bike goes to the mechanic service, they always put new oil" and I started to think this is a scam.

So I started to think the bike was stolen from EU because of such low price (I paid my Ducati 848 Evo 2011 6700EUR with 14K on dash)

Since my country isn't in European Union, you can drive the stolen bike without problems even if the local police stop you.

You're only in danger if they send the stolen bike to special inspection and your game is over.

After I told him what I had on my mind, he sent me chassis number & engine number.

So now I'm a bit calm down but still I'm not sure If Interpol has opened case for this bike in earlier days.

And about mechanical things, what should I know about them for the 1098 ?

I already have in garage my Ducati 848 Evo 2011, I had it for 4 months, bought it with 14K Km's and ride it until I had crash with 20K, the 848 Evo never had any issues at all so I'm not sure what should I watch out for 1098 since it has 35K and I don't know how it was maintained before (I even doubt it was)

Let me know your way of thinking for this bike and whole situation, I should pick it up by next week.

Here are some pics down below.
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Can't answer the potential stolen bike idea, but I just bought a 08 1098 with 30,000 miles in the USA. This is my 3rd Ducati and I will just ride it around town at times. What I did is toss out all the seller told about the bike and did all the service to give me a base line. And yes I am uncovering a lot of little things suggest you dig into it after you get it for it nothing else a starting point.
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Unless they have records assume all is BS..
"What we wish, we readily believe, and what we ourselves think, we imagine others think also."
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