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Welcome aboard and............

You're the only two I've heard of this happening to.
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Riding back home in the pouring rain yesterday as i slowed for a junction the throttle stuck open at 6000 revs pulled in the clutch eased it back out same thing had to use kill switch four time before it stopped doing it not nice in the wet!!
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Ok five pages of this and other threads about it.

There are only a few reasons to create the situation where the throttle sticks on any bike. At this point I must make the assumption that the throttle is held open a very slight amount yet enough to give about 4000 rpm.

1. Improper cable routing
With your bike vertical turn the bars to full lock both ways. You had better be able to twist the grip a few degrees throughout the motion range before cable slack is taken up

2. Inadequate cable freeplay.
See above

3. Sticking grip
If the throttle tube on the bar is sticking to the bar you have a problem. Take it apart and clean it out. Re lube this surface with a dry lubricant such as silicone. I put Helibars on my bike and after a while the paint started to pickup dirt and things got sticky.

4. A small piece of foreign material holding a butterfly open
I had this on my 998 once. A small pebble slightly larger than a grain of sand got in the airbox and found its home imbedded in the aluminum of the throttle body. This held the plate open enough to provide a nice 3000 rpm idle.

5. Binding of the linkage between the injector throttle plates.

A few of the posts mentioned that they tried rotation of the grip to the closed position with no effect.
Assuming that the above 1 2 3 causes are assumedly ruled out, there is no other explanation than reasons 4 or 5.
If the throttle plates are closed, the engine will idle, period. No magic rev equation or is the engine possessed by demons, it will idle. Closed plates and too little fuel it will quit. Too much fuel it will flood and quit. With closed plates technically there is very little air going plast the plates. The separate idle air circuit will provide about 80% of the needed air and is what keeps it running.

So being the self appointed guru here, if the grip is forced closed and the revs persist, something is obviously holding the plates open. It will be interesting to see what the final solution for this is.
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I'll clarify what happened with mine a tad....

I was accelerating to catch up...I rolled off....rpm held but the bike kept accelerating...I forcibly pushed forward on the kept going....I pulled in the held the revs.....i let out the clutch it started accelerating again....I pulled int he clutch and rolled it to about half throttle then pushed it forward to closed let lcutch out...still holding high rpm...i pulled in the clutch and yanked the throttle to WOT then forced it forward and the thing slowed down

we aren't talking 3K first it was stuck between 5 and 6 or so....when i gave it a little more and it stuck at the higher rpm it was closer to 7-8....

4 and 5 do sound more possible
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Originally Posted by Dukesterman View Post
I dont know whats more shocking 1. the fact that this is occuring or 2. you guys seem to be so non chalont aboud it.
Mine hasnt done this yet i hope it never does it.
I carnt believe the dealers mechanic told you that there was no fix!
a very common statement from the dealers is "you're the only one that's bizarre"

I've gotten numb to hearing that

they also tend to blame the riders

"you must be doing something wrong"

and then the ultimate blow off

"it's an italian bike itisn't made for cruising the streets and if you try to make it you'll have issues and should expect such"


reality is a small percentage of the dealers have mechanics legitimately qualified/intelligent/skilled enough to do anything more than parts changes/basic service on these bikes....some can even screw that stuff up

now combine that with a corporate that has piss poor communication skills with it's dealer network

I mean seriosuly just one small can you order parts for the bike and NO ONE can tell you where it is til it surprisingly shows up 2-6 months later?

The tech bulletins and recalls have come many months after we all know there is a problem...many times an issue is covered in one country months before another country....

it's all aggrevating....and it's only made up for by the brilliance in the recipe of the product offerings
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