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I'm putting this here 'cause it's kind of related and kind of aggravating.

FWIW the fuel level sending unit inside the tank of my 2017 SuperSport 939 went south. This caused the low fuel light, range display, and number of miles to empty to stop working. All three simply blink off and on every two seconds or so. The cost of a replacement is approx. $120 US just for the part. My dealer says that Ducati has recognized the problem and reduced the cost of the part. It is not covered since the bike is out of warranty.

I put a complaint on the Ducati USA web page and have only gotten notice of receipt of it. People who have experienced the same thing but with 2018 bikes have had them replaced under warranty.

Same old same old.

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I've had mine work.... and then NOT work.

The light will come on around 90-95 miles, and I'll diligently watch the mileage ticker just to see that its working. It seems to track for a few miles, and then either the light will go off, or the mileage count will just start over?!

My thinking was that the fuel moving around in the tank could give an early false notice of low fuel?

I've never been super thrilled with testing it and running it down to see if the light would come on, stay on, and count to a decent amount of miles.

Around 100 miles... and I am looking to fill up!
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I'll just add my two bob's worth here, as the fuel level indicator 'thermistor' is one of the few things that ever failed on my 1098S.
And yes, I got to push my baby a few miles home as well! I had suspected it was the thermistor when the bike stopped, as I'd thought the fuel was getting low. The only disadvantage of the ETI 20L tank being that you can forget where the fuel is up to, as it may have been a while since you filled it!
I was faced with the choice of pushing it a fair way out of my way to a garage to fill the tank, or just keep heading home. I elected to push it home as it had cut off so quickly I had thought it may have been something else. Plus I didn't want to push it further if it wasn't that...
But as a known troublesome item I guess that failing at about 86,000 kms (about 54k miles) wasn't all that bad. But yes - the implications of this failing can get serious, like those stranded on a freeway.
I just had the ignominious 'push of shame' through Adelaide. Luckily it's very flat here, and of course my bike is famously lightened! But I might have swapped some titanium trinkets for a can of fuel on the day...
But if your bike stops, without the light coming on, and a top-up allows it to start right up (as mine did) you can be fairly sure it's the thermistor. I think I paid about $76 AUD for mine, and yes, it takes about half an hour to fit.

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