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"R" Delivery Dates

Just thought I'd throw out the question to those getting them, and others who may be in the know....

What dates for possible delivery was everyone told regarding the R? Obviously a little impatient at this point (even though I can't ride the roads now anyway). My dealer stated end of February beginning of March. Any of you guys heard anything different or maybe some already delivered? I'll be interested to see how they are distributed.
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Old February 20th, 2008, 08:53 AM   #2

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Spectrum Motorsports has been at Barber Motorsports park these past few days. Before they left, they said "R's" on the boat should be 2 weeks. I would imagine they might know more when they come back from getting their butts kissed from DNA at the track this past week.
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Not that it helps you guys in the US, but we started getting 'R' deliveries here in the UK last week.
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1098 R delivery dates

zyman - I am also very interested in the delivery dates to the US and heard the same quote both from my dealer and the media from the Jerez launch:

Apexit - did they actually say that
"R's ARE already on the boat from Italy"
"IF R's are on the boat, they will be here in 2 weeks"?

Tricolore - if the delivery date lag of the Desmosedici in the UK vs. the US is any indication for the "R", we should see the R's in the US any day now!
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Yes, the 1098R is on the boat from europe to the states. 2-3 weeks till they hit our showrooms after customs. Just heard Termi exhaust systems are NOT with the bikes and will be air shipped later to hopefully meet the showrooms at the same delivery times. FYI, 180 HP is understated! 189 HP might be US version w/full Termi system! That's what I hear anyway.
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