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I can tell you that mine in sydney on a cool sunday morning riding along at the speed limit is around 56-62c. once I start the stop start it will go up to 90+ until I start riding and get the airflow back over the motor it drops again.

I am sure that is will be different in summer time.
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After 1800+ miles:
Freeway speed: 60 degree air temp = 145 degrees engine
90 degrees air temp = 170 degree engine

Engine temp rises from those numbers if going less than 45 mph

In traffic / stoplights can go over 200 degrees even of air is cold

At what temperature does fan go on?
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Old March 7th, 2009, 08:36 AM   #33

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I'm bumping this thread because I too agree that this is a MAJOR issue.

I thought I was alone in having oddly LOW water temps. Here's some food for thought: The 1098 goes from cold map (too rich to help with cold running/starting) to warm map at 160 degrees F. I've removed the thermostat and it opens EXACTLY at 160f as measured with a drop in thermometer and infrared.

This means that on the highway your bike should warm up 160f (warm map) and STAY there. Personally, if I take an extended run on the highway my bike balances at 138F. IMO this is WAY too cold. This means my bike is running in cold map and too much fuel is being dumped into the cylinders. I get about 32mpg doing 80mph on the highway which is low but not horribly so.

However, everyone should read up a bit on the 1997 TL1000S which also had cooling problems similar (arguably worse) than what our 1098's have. The TLS notoriously ran cold - resulting in fouled plugs, fuel in oil, potential ring damage, potential cylinder wall groove damage, potential bearing damage. Basically it thins out your oil. On a TLS you can actually smell fuel in the oil if you having fixed the cooling issues.

I wonder what Ducati's take is on this. My dealer said it's absolutely normal, they replaced my temp sensor (which seems to read about the same imo) and said that's really all that they can do - even if it isn't correct that it's how Ducati sets up the bikes.

Now, personally, I believe that either ALL of the temp sensors are bad (we are all having this problem, correct?) OR Ducati measures the coolant at the wrong place, OR the ecu is programmed to alter the temp or something.

I wonder what the next step is - a hotter thermostat would fix/help the problem but also cause the bike to run a bit warmer. On my TL I was able to find an aftermarket thermostat but the 1098 seems to be a bit of a specialty job. Another alternative would be to wire in a resistor into the temp sensor where you could flip a switch, or maybe somehow add ~3% to the value?

No matter what, it makes me nervous. I plan on keeping my bike for a long time, and currently it's a PITA because I don't ride it if it's too cold to keep it above 160f.

My bike was about 19k. If I keep it for 19k miles then it's costing me $1 a mile.

That means that a 300 mile saturday ride is costing $300.

At these prices I want my bike to last as LONG as possible, and I'd like to have some of these questions answered. I wonder if there's a way to get in touch with Ducati of North America and get an answer on this. My dealer is helpful but I believe they're right - the bike is running as intended from Ducati.
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Old April 25th, 2009, 01:38 PM   #34

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Interesting data. I just bought an 848, and found this thread searching for what was "normal" water temp. I was seeing 150-160 today, with it about 70 outside. If I stopped though the temp would climb and then drop when I got going again. Almost like a thermostat stuck open, I was thinking, and very low compared to any other bike I've had. By comparison my SV650 race bike runs 185-190 all the time, regardless of ambient air temp.
Since this seems to be normal behavior though I guess I won't worry about it. Sure seems odd though, you would think the low temps would make passing emissions tests harder.
Another possibility is that the fluctuations are a function of where the sensor is, and the internal temp is both higher and more consistent. Anybody know??
Rich Desmond
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Old April 26th, 2009, 12:05 AM   #35
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when I see these threads I am really not sure if you guys are joking
or someone is not paying attention in stop and go traffic in 80+F weather.

I have seen mine multiple time run up to 240 in stop and go traffic, the fan kicks in at I think 220-230? keep in mind I get those high temperatures when I rev the bike in stopped traffic
and some time just because its too hot out there.

I end up turning the engine off if the traffic is that bad.
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Old April 26th, 2009, 06:59 AM   #36
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Did you get a TWAT error message?
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nope, no errors at all as soon as I move the temp drops pretty quick
I also got engine ice, I just did the VR recall for the heat shield part of it or the extra fan,
so I am really not that concerned, the only worry I have is FIRE! lol I got some
exposed electrical wires for the HID lights ballasts that are keeping me worried.
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Old April 28th, 2009, 10:06 AM   #38
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ok I pull this back, for some reason I am not seeing the temperatures I used to see a year ago,
yesterday was hot at 97f or so and I was in a stop and go traffic, the temperature reached
220 while stopped and it dropped suddenly to 216 and kept on falling to 210 due to the extra fan kicking in, I then moved with the traffic a little and when stopped it went back up and the
same thing happened. maybe it has to do with the VC heat recall where they added an
extra fan?
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Old July 4th, 2009, 09:06 AM   #39
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Do You Say That You Have 3 Fans Now ?and Does It Say On Temp In Service Manual Anywhere? I Cant Find It-thanks
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