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Cool the new guy

hey guys im new on this site and have been really seriously thinking about geting a 1098... i want to know all the pros and cons of this bike... and if i should get one
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Hi Lawrence888 - nice to 'meet' you!

I think it is very much a personality thing. You need to make sure you will love this bike for all its faults - it has many but that's part of her aura. I absolutely adore my 1098. First bike. I would never want another. The performance factor is a given ..... but then most of the bikes at this end of the scale provide that. This will be a decision you will need to make with your heart. That's what a ducati 1098 does to you.

Here in the UK - everyone just stares at the bike. I am near a building site and when they know I'm taking it out - they just stand at the gates, mugs of tea in hands, waiting like its teatime at the zoo! Passersby turn before they see it from what they hear. The sound of those exhausts is unmistakeable. Traffic parts for you and instead of trying to race you at the traffic lights - they hold back, so they can get a good look at the bike. And that isn't because I'm a girl - I have a tinted visor so they won't know. The bike just takes over. It has the best looks of all the bikes ... ever. And ONLY ever buy red! There is only one colour for the 1098 - it's almost impossible to find a red 1098 here in the UK! Oh, and btw - wear heat resistant leathers - the seat gets very hot in traffic with those exhaust pipes!!!

Good luck !! x
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No ducatis in the registry

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yea i have had 4 bikes before this and am looking for another because a lady rear ended me and totaled my last bike.... so im just waiting for my check i guess i can say...
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