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I have both Pazzo short and ASV long.

I like both but prefer long levers, more comfortable to my hands.

If you have clutch slave installed, than ASV will be a problem. Pazzo use the stock pin/rod which is adjustable in length. ASV use its own pin/rod might not be long enough for 30mm clutch salve.

OK, I have STM 30 mm salve installed with Pazzo shorties, and found uncomfortable. After I switch to ASV long, it is lighter and easy for clutch action. BUT, the hard to find neutral problem came back because the pin/rod isn't long enough. Now, I have to "make" or find a pin/rod that is about 2mm longer for master clutch.

I like ASV more becasue the adjustment isn't limited and you can have anyway you wanted, but Pazzo only offers 5 or 6 pre-set adjustments.

You can find both levers at my photo album.

PS. I did not know these many people have both Pazzo and ASV levers
2008 yellow/tricolore 1098

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Pazzo's all the way..

All my other rides I've used Pazzo shorties.. So I did the same with my 1098... Wrong. The shortie brake is perfect, but the shortie clutch is to short to be real comfortable. Next time I will go with shortie brake and standard clutch..

My personal for what it's worth, you get as much or more leverage with less effort and better feel. But I also have large hands. XXXL gloves.

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