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1098R electrical issues

Hi all, I'm posting to ask if anyone on here has experienced or can explain my experience yesterday. While high in the rev range mid corner in third gear my bike started to break down then suddenly lost all power. The dash was still illuminated and was showing the amber (triangle) warning light. The green neutral indicator light would not display if I was in neutral either. Unfortunately, before I could ask how to retrieve the error code a well meaning friend switched the ignition off. Upon turning the ignition key to the on position the bike as if possessed began to self start and was cranking over by itself! I trailered it home and after sitting for a few hours it started up fine is running again...it had been raining lightly and the roads were very wet in places but the bike has been in worse conditions without problem. Anyone else on here seen this before? To snuff out like it did was scary and like to ensure this doesn't happen again!!
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so the bike cranking on its own might be normal but i guess you would know this already. (if i'm not mistaken the early 1098's one only had to press the starter button once for it to crank as opposed to the newer models where one would have to keep pressing the button).

with that said, i wonder if your problem is the dreaded "side stand switch issue". a faulty side stand switch can cause the engine to die while riding. quite a few threads on the topic if you wanted to search for more info on it. the switch on my 1198 died due to oil and chain lube getting into the switch which eventually, together with dust and dirt, destroyed the internal moving parts of the switch. the easy way to test this is to bypass the switch and see if the symptoms persist. (if it does the switch is fine).

anyways, at a minimum you would have eliminated at least one potential cause.

good luck.
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The 1098R didn't have the push the started let it go and the bike keeps cranking feature.
Did the OP's problem get resolved?
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the 1098R did not have the servo assisted start feature, my 08 1098s did though and I loved it

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