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Announcements in Forum : 1098/1198
November 20th, 2012 until December 21st, 2024
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Official Ducati.org Rules

Ducati.org Official Rules

1. We ask that if you participate on this site you treat all other members with common courtesy and respect.

This is the most important rule of the site. If you follow this rule, all other rules will fall into place. This doesn't mean that you can't disagree with them. It simply means that you should state your opinion/case respectively and without using profanity. Pretend you are talking to them in person instead of over the internet and that your actions and words really do have repercussions.

2. Trolling / Excessive use of profanity is not permitted.

If your main goal in posting something is to taunt members, break rules or taunt the moderation team then you are trolling. We expect members of our site to be positive contributors to the community. Trolling is counter-intuitive to that.

We all let a few curse words slip now and again and that is fine. However, excessive use of profanity is not permitted. You should be able to express your views and opinions without the use of a string of profane words.

3. Inappropriate pictures are now allowed.

If a picture isn't work safe, then it isn't to be posted on our site. Bikini pictures are fine. Full nudes are not. In addition, pictures that are considered in very bad taste are also not allowed. Rule of thumb: If you are posting it to piss someone off or troll, its probably not going to be allowed.

These rules are very simple. We aren't asking much. We are simply trying to keep this place clean and fun for all members. We realize some members are more rowdy then others, and thats fine. Please keep your rowdy discussions to private messages. After all, thats what private conversations are for.

We will use our judgement and hand out both temporary and permanent bans based on the severity of the infraction.

If you do not wish to follow these rules, no problem. Please go somewhere else.
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