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Carbone Lorraine vs stock pads, installed

Anyone else running the CL pads? Either the C44/C55/C59 or XBK5/SBK?

FYI: The 696 shares the same front pads as the non-Evo 848s.

I took off my factory brake pads on the 09 696 and replaced them with CL XBK5 (Superbike) pads and noticed a significant difference in the construction.

The stock factory Brembo pads are paper thin but are still relatively new. That makes the pistons come out a lot more than with normal thickness pads like the CL's.

I also noticed that the backing plate and pad material interface on the CL's seem inconsistent. On the original Brembo pads and most car pads, the friction material tends to stick very tightly to the backing plate but the CLs are just a bit different. The box says the XBK5 is a sintered bronze metallic compound.

If you've used them or are using the CLs, what are your experiences with them? Easy to bed?
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