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Old November 21st, 2016, 08:40 PM   #1
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Smile Question about 848 vs 899 plz help

I have read similar threads on here but was hoping for some input. I recently purchased an 2012 848 Evo and after tune up and purchase of new tires I sold it. I was not a fan of the way the bike rode and it seemed very bulky. It was fast but I could not get past the heat on the back of my legs. It was pretty extreme and uncomfortable even going 40-50mph. Also I did not like the vibration of the engine. It seemed to vibrate and shake similar to that of a Harley not quite that severe but still not what I was looking for in a supersport bike. Disclaimer, prior to this Ive only ever owned Japanese bikes and I must admit maybe Im just not use to the way a Ducati engine feels, and maybe I prefer the scream those compared to the lower grumble of the ducatis. But I really want to get an 899 Panigale so I was wondering do the 899s corner better than the 848, is the ride on it smoother and the acceleration ( shake of the engine) different? or just more of the same. Also i was hoping someone could say whether or not they liked the quick shift option on the 899 bc that seems pretty bad ass to be able to full throttle while switching through gears. Sorry for the long post I was just hoping for some good info before I drop 15k on an 899
Thx for reading
I wasn't trying to offend anyone about the 848 Evo they are amazing bikes just not what I'm looking for, and it was just a bad decision on my part to buy one initially
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You're right about the 848 for the most part, but don't mistake it for a typical high torque twin, as they hate being lugged around but smooth if you keep it between 6 and 10K. Compared to the 899, the 848 fits taller people better whereas the 899 is for shorter people and it's generally smaller and quicker but the 848 is pretty stable if it's set up right. So if you're under 6 foot tall, the 899 may certainly fit better.

One thing about the Ducatis is they feel very docile engine wise, meaning they are quicker than they seem. I also have a Yamaha FZ09 -- 847cc triple -- it's down 20hp on the 848 but feels so much faster, it's not (well, maybe 60 ft times are better with short gearing)... you look at the 848 hit 150mph pretty smoothly with not much drama, whereas the FZ09 feels like you're 200mph and takes a long downhill road to get there.

It is a little heavy IMHO, you can remove 20-30 lbs without much trouble though (heavy steel subrame, heavy battery, heavy exhaust)
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Sounds like you didn't give the 848 enough time. I'll bet the "heat" is because you were not wearing gear?
There are a few things you can do but it will still be there, I'd add I've heard just about every model have a complaint about heat and vibration, neither bother me.

I test road an 899 I found it very twitchy but I'm also biased to the 848. The bottom line is Ducati is not like the Japanese models. The riding is very different, you have to change your mind set to truly enjoy it. But I drank the kool aid long ago.
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First thing for any 848 - have the suspension/frame and ergonomics set for you. Coming from the other brands I never had to do this. Compare to the 899 not even a comparison. To me at least, two completely different bikes. I'm thinking about the hyperstrada next for my street bike.
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All that you describe on the 848 (engine, heat, vibration) you'll find on the 899. Nature of a high revving v-twin with exhaust that exits under your butt. The 899 has a bit different of geometry but still has most of the 848's handling characteristics. Where they both hand the Jap bikes their asses is in a canyon or on a track where that v-twin pull and rock steady stability in a corner make them easy to ride fast.

Quick shifters are a lot of fun when doing tunnel bomb's!!
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Originally Posted by SteeleBarile View Post
It was fast but I could not get past the heat on the back of my legs.
You can stop right here...if you thought the 848 was running hot, you'll never survive the 899.

I had both the 848 and 959...on the former I barely noticed any heat even while sitting at the traffic light and the bike running 220F. On the 959 you can feel the heat starting to build after 2 miles of riding...
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