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skintkarter April 12th, 2018 02:21 AM

959 Aux power feed
Hi folks, well I did pull the trigger on a 2018 959 about 6 weeks ago. Done several decent rides and the bike now has 4000 km's on it, been through the 1000km service and I've made a tail tidy and fitted radiator guards as well as an integrated tail light after a rock smashed the original.

However unfortunately I've already contributed to the local Plod's donut fund and consequently fitted an Adaptiv 3.0 radar detector.

My question for all of the learned 959/1299 owners out there is 'how have you powered your accessories?'

I hear rumours that there is a GPS feed somewhere under the front cowl?

I've also seen posts on late model Multistradas that they also have a 4 wire feed complete with a short wiring tail shrink sleeved and crimped off.

Is this the same perhaps on the baby Panigale?

I'm a bit loath to try and pull all of the front to bits, only to find that I need a special plug which nobody has on the shelf here in New Zealand.

Thanks in advance.


DarR April 12th, 2018 08:21 PM

You can easily access power through your battery tender cable but preferably leave that alone and tap the power from the DDA under the seat. You'll need to buy a couple of inexpensive adapters and cables to bring the power forward. I've detailed them here:
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