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959 Break In, First Service, warranty void?

I just got my 959 and it's a beauty. I've gone over my first service mileage interval by about 110 miles (oil change and basic once over is essentially all they call for). I've got 710 miles vs 600.

I want to be able to maintain and work on this rig myself (being a new motor and build most Ducati techs are learning the bike still anyhow) but I do have manufacturer plus 3 year extended warranty. If I do my own basic fluid changes and "tightening" using all OEM approved parts, will this by default, void my warranty? Also, has anyone found info on resetting the service indicator and oil change indicator? I'm sure I could bring a 6 pack to a dealer tech and get them to reset it, but curious about cable/software/flashing options.. Bueller?

I've ordered all the stuff I need to do the first service and wanted to hear what the rumor mill had to say.

And yes, I know I could likely answer my questions by pouring over legal documents and warranty documentation, but wanted to see if anyone else had already done it!

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The engine has been around several years so Tech's should know it by now. As for doing your own servicing, that's a tough one. The wording in the warranty "suggests" using a qualified Ducati service center but not a necessity but here's where things can get complicated. It does use the term "qualified technician" in it's pages which means someone with training. Might be construed as "qualified Ducati technician" so if anything goes wrong with the engine.....saaaaay something in the valve train after you've done the adjustment yourself.....they could use your lack of Ducati training to void the warranty.

Oil changes are pretty simple and only require use of a quality oil filter and proper rating of oil which pretty much all motorcycle oils these days will pass. For resetting the service light, there are several apps and lap top programs that can be used to do so.
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If you're in the US (update your profile).

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Whoa. The replies you shall get on this will be VERY vast my friend!

This article has been around a LONG LONG time and as stated immediately - is Highly Controversial to say the least!

Break In Secrets--How To Break In New Motorcycle and Car Engines For More Power

IMHO (only) Ive purchased at least 4-5 brand new Ducati's and ridden them ALL hard as hell during my break in period (I forget what they call it in UK / Europe?) However, not so hard as to redline the piss out of them or anything truly out of control - but not babied whatsoever!

As far as doing all the maintenance yourself, again IMHO (Only) I would allow the Dealership to do the 1st Service & and perhaps the next BIG one after that - unsure on what your particular bike calls for (Valve job, etc) But like you stated, some of them may in fact have issues with warranty by doing SOME of the topics as well. You will for sure obtain MANY different styles here within replies my man. Take them all in and do whatever feels right to YOU- not anyone else!
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Old January 30th, 2018, 12:10 AM   #5
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Why i purchased the maintenance package. $1500, 3yr/30k miles everything is covered.
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remember to update your ECU
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