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Ohm3d June 23rd, 2018 08:52 AM

998/999 Engine (Case) differences?
Trying to find some info on the differences for 998/999/s4rs engines and cases. I want to build a spare engine (big bore, high comp, headwork, etc) for my S4RS.

The S4RS engine has bearing in case for the swing arm

not sure about the 999 because its is dual sided swing arm

I figure the 998 engine may be bearing in case because it is single sided swing arm

I want to build a second engine because I still ride the bike almost daily and I know that building the engine is going to take a few months and I dont want to be without the bike.

so..... I remember that with DS1000 aircooled motors there was also the difference of bearing in case vs bearing in swing arm as well as different case widths.

Does anyone know the differences?

Also, internal wise, were they all pretty much the same? I know the 999s (05-06) had some slightly different cams (same as 998R or 998SP IIRC?) and maybe 2 points higher compression. otherwise I cant really find a lot of info.

thanks in advance

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