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Angry Help on Electrical System

Hi Everyone!

Im A new addition to this forum and to the 999 family.
I'll make a presentation post as soon as i have some nice photos of my bike!

I bought a used 2006 999s, i have a problem with the electrical system, (i knew when i bought it) let me explain:

i turn the key over to ON position, and i have NO light from both of the headlights, no back light, but turn lights does work, and so does the stop light (when breaking) and pressing on the passing trigger does light up one headlight.

i already changed the lights relais, cheked all fuses.

checked the manual and diagram but won't do it because the bike has a power commander III and quick shifter so all the color codes of the wires are different!!!

funny thing is, if i turn the key to the P position, the gear indicator comes on

anyone could help me out?

P.S. i started the bike one day and everything was working, so i presume there is an oxydated or interrupted wire somewhere!!

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Benvenuto Pippo!
Does the low beam and tail light go on when you fire up the engine?
Brake light work along with high beam, turn signals are fine, I may be missing something but I have the feeling the bike is fine!
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2006 999s

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