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Likely buying a used 2003 749s that has been sitting for 2 years. Need Help.

I am likely going to purchase this a 749s from a private seller in the next week or so. its a 2003 749s with 9k miles. The current owner bought it for his dad 2 years ago and it was too rough on the old man's back so it has been sitting in the garage for 2 years. The last standard service was done at 7500 miles by the previous owner. The fact that it has been sitting is an obvious concern. I imagine I'll likely have to replace the belts, fluids flush and refill, and possibly new tires if there are flat spots from sitting so long. It has been started "every so often" while its been sitting. What else should I be looking for/aware of to get me ready to ride/repairs that I should be taking into account when I make my offer. Oh and also, that tiny little black seat looking thing on the rear that actually a seat or no? Thank you in advance.
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You're on the right track. The battery may be weak, depending on whether they used a trickle charger or not. I'd budget for a new one. The injectors may need cleaning too. Definitely change the belts, I'd rather have belts that had been used regularly for two years than belts that had sat on a bike for that long, it's cheap insurance and not hard to do yourself. As for the seat, I'd let your pillion decide; I know what my wife would say (which is why all my bikes are solo's)
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