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Idle issues

Relatively new owner here (UK). I've just got it through MOT, a dodgy brake light connection almost scuppered that so I'll have to locate where that's happening.

I updated the bike to a new Shindengen MOSFET regulator/rectifier, which seems to charge the lithium battery correctly, and the bike now starts with confidence.

It does sound a bit ragged at low RPM, and small throttle blips or openings sometimes cause it to stall. The bike has 2250 miles (single previous owner), and has been very infrequently used in recent years. GP7 exhaust and QS was fitted by Ducati Coventry on release. The rear cylinder exhaust exit shroud (on bellypan) is pretty sooty.

Once the throttle is properly open it's a missile and sounds incredible. Suspension appears well set up and from limited experience it feels lovely.

Just wanted to know if they're all like this, idle/stall wise, it's tricky to find another to compare it to...

My other thoughts would be fuel filter, which I could do myself, or plugs - which I wouldn't.

Any wisdom appreciated really.
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I have experienced what sounds to be a similar - seemingly low idle that stalls when the throttle is rolled off.

There's an official procedure for setting idle. It involves connection to the diagnostic computer and exhaust gas analyzer.

That said, I just turned each of the throttle body bypass screws out half a turn and it bumped the idle up slightly, stabilized the idle, and seems to prevent stalling.
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try a PC V fuel module, I have one for sale with map fitted should you be interested
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