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Considering OEM Alarm (but would like some info)

So I've been thinking about maybe adding the OEM anti-theft system (96680611A) to the monster (when I get it).

I've been doing a lot of searching, and it would appear that these systems are a mixed bag --- for some it works great, and others complain about it.

Any of you guys here have one (or have had one)? Any particular likes/dislikes that you would share?

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I thought they already came with an anti theft system,, ? Whats with the blinking red light at the top of the screen when parked ?
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That's an immobilizer I believe. the anti theft system is an alarm.
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This is something I thought about also. Are you sure that model number will work for the Monster? Ducati changed their website so now for me its more dificult to find the fitment of the accessory. That model number is advertised as the SuperSport version on Ebay.
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Old January 6th, 2019, 12:18 PM   #5

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Anti-theft kit. Code 96680612A (supersedes Code 96680611A) install manual.
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The factory fitted security is a deterrent based on in the key is like a radio wave. You turn the key electronics pick up the code and allow you to start the bike. No reading of code no start so no screwdriver slammed into barrel to start like old days.

It doesn’t stop ppl stealing it to either part it out or use as track bike for them as Ecu/key barrels can be changed from a wrecked bike at Wrecker’s. some need for you to pay a large fee to recode bike to new key with personal info to track you down ie they need engine numbers / vin chassis etc to deter ppl doing this also using stolen bikes.

If you want the next step yes Ducati sell the upgrade security to add on, I have seen better security items like tilt sensor alarm that page you for instance, beep with a proximity sensor stating your too close and so ppl get away and it pages you.

All sounds good but unless you go to bed with your keys beside you or the range the bike is parked is within reason it is all just a deterrent.

GPS tracker can be had for reasonable costs, $5 a month text SIM card has a battery cut backup hidden.

Comes down to what’s the point? Claim your insurance as do you want your stolen bike back that is flogged by the thief.
Tracking the burnt out bike gives little comfort. Your paying as much for these to be fitted that your excess is if not more.

If it makes insurance cheap yes, if it’s to know your garage was broken into at night then yes protect yourself and family call the cops. As they could target in the house next.

I’m not against extra security it’s just that what is practical, no one cares about an alarm going off, no one will care seeing a bike lifted into a van or kids pushing it down a street. It sucks and it’s life.
Padlock the chain so they have to lift it and can’t simple place up on rear wheel. Disc lock alarm another way to slow them.

Or take it as if it gets stolen you get to buy a new one hey security cameras to watch it

If I had one I would choose this..
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