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Exclamation 797 Vs 696 Specs.

So I was considering an upgrade but somehow the specs just don't add up. the 797 has more capacity but produces 55kw & 68.9Nm Vs the 58.8kw & 69Nm for the 696. The same goes for the weight 14 kg difference. Really strange for a new bike to be "slower" than its predecessor.
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I'm a recent 696 owner who also rode the 797. I suspect the catalytic converter and 2 into 1 exhaust on the 797 is the primary reason a larger engine produces less horse power. Again, I'm guessing Ducati needed to do this to meet emissions standards. As a side note, the engine on the 797 I rode did seem a bit smoother running but that could once again be due to the different exhaust. I've had many bikes, most larger, over the past 20 years and the 696 is the most fun riding bike I've ever been on. If you like the size, riding position and look of the bike, either the 696 or 797 should suit you well. Good luck with whatever you do.
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