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Front brake disc issue

Has anybody had any issues with front brake pads embedding its material onto the discs causing high spots?
I brought my bike into the dealership because when I was braking at highway speeds I would get a vibration through the bars and brake lever, kinda like when your rotors are warped on your car.
The dealer said when the brake pads get hot they leave some pad material on the rotors and after a while you get high spots causing the vibration.
Any feedback would be appreciated, thx.
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I had an issue last year where one of the front break pistons did not fully retract on a long road trip. This caused the front brake to over heat causing severe brake fade while getting off the freeway off ramp....thank God for two front rotors and a rear brake. The pad glazed over and when I got back into town, out of an abundance of caution, I had the front brakes completely torn down, cleaned, new pads installed, cleaned rotors etc. I wanted to know what failed that caused the severe brake fade. The front did have some vibration after the initial incident and immediately after I got the piston working. Once the brakes were re-done they worked fine and all the vibrations are gone. Looking back I think the problem was the front brake piston, on the left side, was not fully retracting which would cause the pad to leave a small amount of material on the disc...this was never really an issue until the brake over heated and I got severe brake fade. I spoke with the mechanic who cleaned all the pistons and he believed that the piston was not fully side only...all the other pistons would fully retract but the one was a bit slower and not completely...once that piston and the housing was cleaned...problem solved. Hopefully this makes sense...good luck

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