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In search of new ducati model

Hi everybody, I'm Greg, 28years old, coming from belgium.
Recently bought a hypermotard 1100s. Previously I owned a 1098.

A friend of my and myself, were making suggestions on our ideal Ducati motorcycle. And so we wrote a letter to ducati. Can somebody please make sure it will be read in Italy. (forgive me my English, I know it isn't that great.
Ok, here goes:

Dear Mrs./Mr. Ducati,

It is with great regret, that I need to inform you about a great mistake you’ve made, or will make in the near present. A friend of my (Oktai)and also myself (Greg) have doubts about a certain model in your model range, that hasn’t been made yet. We are wondering why you are letting this chance slip away, by not making this motorcycle, which can easily becomes world’s most desirable motorcycle.

Please give us the opportunity to introduce ourselves, so you will be given a good understanding of our point of view. We are two youthful men, who owned more Ducati motorcycles in the past/present, so we like the spirit and soul (and also the costly repairs) of the brand. At one moment we both owned a 1098, which frankly was the most beautiful bike we could, and still, can think of. We could stare at it for days. The engine is brutal and powerful, just the way it needs to be. The only thing we can possibly think of is better, would be a more powerful engine. No problems you would think, because after the 1098 model, came the 1198 model and panigale, which was more powerful.
Oktai and myself own(ed) a Hypermotard 1100. Great bike as well. Not that beautiful as the 1098 range, but boy, could this bike do some wheelies. Really Mr. Ducati, why did you put a front wheel on this motorcycle? It doesn’t need one at all. I tell you what it needed. A big anvil or something the size of the titanic to put on the front, so the wheel wasn’t constantly aiming at the sun. By now you’re probably thinking: “Please Greg, we don’t have all day, make your point or shut up”

Well, we rode both bikes, one beast and one fun machine.
Why the fuck can’t you make a combination of both?????!!!!! It would make the best bike ever. Just take your standard Hypermotard, cut out the engine, throw the old bugger away, take a 1299 engine or just take a crashed engine of Iannone, ram some more power in it and put the damn engine in the Hypermotard. There you go, job done, the most perfect bike has been build. That wasn’t so hard, now was it. A simple engine swap is the key to success!

Mr. Ducati, why couldn’t you see this, you had all the ingredients, the answer was so obvious, it was in front of your nose for years. Now, don’t be ashamed you were wrong and to blind to see this. We knew you were to busy making stupid bikes like the diavel and scrambler. We all make mistakes, the best helmsmen stand on shore. Now please, we gave you all the ingredients, there is no R&D involved, go to your factory, and build a damn “Hyperpanimotard 1399 superleggera RS RR tricolore evo corse pikes peak edition”. This would be our name suggestion, pretty slick don’t you think.

Please keep following things in mind while making THE motorcycle:
- There is no such thing as “to much power”
- There is no such thing as “to much cubic inches”
- More is ALWAYS better
- Titanium is always better than carbon steel
- Carbon fiber is always better than plastic

Off course because of this great idea we gave you, you got to give us some credit back. We would be satisfied with 10 of this bike each. Further financial and legal business needs to be discussed with our financial advisors and lawyers. This all seems quite reasonable to us.
For further questions or insights in future great models, you can always contact us. Don’t be afraid to ask any questions, we still have more of this helpful advice considering other great models in your model range.

Kind regards,
Greg and Oktai

For those who don't know by now. We were just kiddin . Although, we would certainly buy such a model, if it would exsist.
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It's funny and actually the English is better then 99.37% of the people that live here on Miami Beach.
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I think what you're looking for is the new KTM super duke R.
Nothing is impossible. You are only limited by fear, and even that you can overcome.
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No ducatis in the registry

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not to answer an old thread but, you may have gotten your point across...they created the V4 Multistrada
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