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Crankcase Oil Plug Extension

After changing my oil the first time I experienced first hand how hard it is to get the plug out of the crankcase without loosening the fairing or actually taking the one panel off on that side. My hand is not overly large but to thick to easily get in between the fairing and have the leverage needed to loosen the plastic bolt.

It actually really did not bother me that much on the first oil change to take everything loose as it all was a new adventure "then". A few rides later I noticed it was a little low on oil but nothing to cause alarm, just lower than I wanted it to be and then I remembered all the trouble this was going to be to just add a few ounces of oil!

This time I decided to do something that would allow me to easily put oil in my bike w/o loosening everything up.

I took an old plastic extended oil filler tube from our left over lawn mower parts box (all the things worth saving from past gallant soldiers). I cut the plastic tube at a sighted angle and then super glued it back together. This plastic is the good kind, that super glue is aggressive on. I then decided to add a little expoy around the glued joint just for extra support.

I bought a nylon plug with a male nipple and ground ithe nipple down to be a force fit into the plastic extension tube. I screwed the plug in the motor first. I then added a little silicone around the male nipple and pushed the extension tube on. If its needs to be taken off at anytime I can just twist it loose from the silicone and pull the tube off and then take the plug out of the crankcase.

I now can add oil with just a normal small funnel and not have to take anything loose for such a small task as adding a little oil.

1. Nylon plug - $1.29
2. Lawn mower extension tube with cap I would think in the $10 range (honestly I dug mine out of our lawn mower parts box).
3. Rubber "O" for bottom of plus $.50 cents.
4. Fiber washer between extension tube and nylon plug $.50 cents.
5. I decided to use some of the heat resistant paint from my last project for the extension tube its self but it originally was $5.60.


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Well done, once again

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