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Looking for a Hypermotard, Ones to buy, ones to stay away from?

Looking to purchase a used Hypermotard, looking to see if any of the models that are the ones to buy, and the models to stay away from?

As far as mechanical/electrical?

Input is appreciated.

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Old February 17th, 2017, 09:04 PM   #2
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I've had 2 2008 hypermotard 1100s's so thats really what I can speak to. The big plus is the engine is a beast so they put it in everything like the multi and the monster. Parts are not hard to come by theres a big aftermarket uh market. Ive put about 10k miles on them between the two bikes and really love the handling and geometry. It's why I bought a second instead of something else. They can be had for fairly cheap too compared to the newer ones IF you can find one.

The only downside is since theyre older they dont have electronic assists and the maintenance interval is every 7500 for the valves and timing belt. The rest is pretty typical. I recently did the belts for the first time on my newest hyper and can say its way easier than a car and probably anyone with regular tools and some know how can do it so don't let that scare you too much.

Having never ridden the 821 or the 939 I can't comment but if you google and youtube im sure you will see as for the 821 it sacrificed that beast of an engine for higher service intervals. I'm happy with something that wows me everytime i ride it but needs more care.
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Hi Eric
I have an 1100s that I love to bits. The handleing and braking are awesome. Of course the engine pushes my Black Betty at a great rate of MPH, but the main thing I love about her is her handleing. Brilliant all round bike
Enjoy Your Ride. I do
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