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fast_chris December 1st, 2008 02:58 PM

Import 1098 from Europe to the US

I'm moving from Europe to Michigan, US. As it's a hard time to sell my bike now I would rather like to bring it to the US.

It's a 1098 European (German) model built 2007. My dealer in Germany told me there are some differences between the US and the European models (like tank, charcoal-filters etc.), but he has no instruction available, how to modify the bike.

Has anyone of you an idea, what I have to do to import this to the US or who could help me with that?

Kind regards,


Franken December 1st, 2008 05:46 PM

Hello Chris,

I am also from Germany. Lifed 7 years in MI and now one year in CA and will move in Jan. back to MI.
It is a difficult process that is what I found out and decided not to bring my bike to the US, the other way is not a problem at all.

When nothing has changed you need somehow to pay a 150% caution, after the bike is approved you get the money back (don't ask me from who), also you need an importer in the US for it when I am not wrong.

But normally you will find everything online.

What brings you over and where you will stay in MI?

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