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My 1998 750 Monster, back home after 10 years

I recently welcomed my first Monster back to my custody...she's a '98 750...I always loved her...

But she won't start...I'm a professional mechanic and actually put this one together from boxes the PO gave up's had three owners since me, but meticulous care, including a full Ducati dealer service in the past 200 miles (two years ago, valve adjust, belts, oil, filters)...this is why I got her so inexpensively this time...

Before I go dig into the fix at all, I thought I'd ask for guidance here from knowledgeable people...

To take a quick look I pulled both plugs and cranked her over...fresh AGM battery, good starter response, I think the carbs are at least allowing a choked run (according to the PO...) and gas is spark I could see at all, and not even a peep through the mufflers...she's bone stock except for the Arrow pipes and K&N filter that were on her when I sold her ten years ago...I'm pretty certain it's ignition, where should I focus my attention? Thanks in advance...
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buy a dyna set from Chris Kelly, or mod some gt40's.

these are pretty simple bikes, not too much.

That said I have not done these on The Boss' 750 monster that has been sitting in the shed for 3 year now not starting with no spark.
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The reality of this situation maybe obscured by living room curtains.
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Your re aquisition

I think its awesome that you have your bike back, Im sure it wont take much to get it sorted, I can attest to the Dyna Ignition / Coils if that's what the other fellow meant. I have them on an old Kawi and they made huge difference from stock

Keep us posted on your progress !!
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If there is no spark from both plugs then there is a common power supply fault with the feed of power to both sides. eg kill switch or fuse etc.

Great bike, I have an old one still in the back of the shed. The best sounding motor. Good luck.
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