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New to me 750 won't start

Hey everyone, I just bought a beautiful little 2000 750 Monster with about 13k miles. I got it from a co-worker who bought it 10 years ago and only put about 1000 miles on it. It's been sitting in his garage for at least 5 years. He drained the gas tank at some point, so I'm hopeful that the carbs aren't gummed up (but realize that it's a long shot).

I got the bike home and pulled of the gas tank to replace a couple fuel hoses that were cracking.

Next, I hooked up a battery charger, pulled the plugs, sprayed a little penetrating spray in the cylinders and hit the starter. The engine spun over just fine. It had enough compression to pop my thumb off the spark plug holes. So far so good!

Next I drained the oil, replaced the oil filter and added a little over 3 quarts oil. I put new plugs in and hit the starter switch just for fun and..... nuthin.

No click, no headlight dimming, no starter spinning. Headlights go on, turn signals work, etc. I verified that the handlebar kill switch is "on", bike in neutral, checked kickstand up and down, rocked bike side to side in case there is a low oil shutoff, checked fuses under seat and still nuthin. With the key turned on, there is a red oil light on the dash. Does this always turn on when the key is on and bike is not running, or does the bike think it's low on oil, hence the oil light on?

I'm a decent shade tree mechanic and have a bunch of bikes that I work on, so I have some idea what I'm doing. It seems to me that there is some sort of switch or relay that I blew or disconnected.

Any ideas??? I was really hoping to get the bike running this weekend while we still have nice weather here in California.
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So, I cracked a beer, went back out to the garage and went over all the basics again. It turned out to be the damn kickstand sensor! Wiggled it a bit and the bike turned over just fine.

Any simple kickstand bypass DIYs?

Now to finish up the fuel lines, add gas and cross my fingers that she'll run!
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Side stand bypass..use the search here buts it’s really a long time ago.

Chris Kelly - ca cycle works made a kit you could buy, I think motowheels had them or your local non dealer Ducati shop. Remember you can ride away with the stand down after.. and the stand bolts directly into the sump.
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