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Multistrada 1200s (2010)

I bought a 2010 1200s Multistrada s from ebay at the end of April this year.

24k on the clock but looked and sounded in really good condition, so I took a punt - a 6.5k punt.

at 24.5 k and 2 months later the engine suffered a catastrophic failure. I have been told by the mechanics (Ducati strood) that it needs an entire replacement engine!

I have also been told that as it is beyond repair the engine it needs must be a whole "like for like engine" and that only 2010-2012 engines will fit.

They also advised me that my 2 options were:

A) strip the bike down as sell for parts. (the rest of the bike is in mint condition)
B) hunt around for a recon engine.

I guess apart from venting from my loss....I'm wondering if anyone has any additional advice on experience to share on how I might offset my loss.

As you can imagine I'm gutted, but it is what it is, so I'm now just looking for the best way to minimise my loss.

Caveat Emptor.

Any and all advise appreciated!

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do you know what happened? I had a 2010 as well and around 35k miles she blew . . .
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Type of failure would be helpful.

When I was looking into buying my current 2012 (about a year ago), I read of some crankshaft failures on 2010 Multis. Usually at lower mileage, though, and some were replaced under warranty IIRC.

I also seem to recall reading of cylinder head porosity, don't remember if the coolant leaked internally or externally. Again, my recollection is that these were mostly lower mileage units, and I believe some of these were also replaced under warranty.

If you are looking for replacement engines, 1200 Monster engines "might" be a viable option--worth looking into, anyway.

Quick search, six pages:
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