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Cool V12 BMW 850i: TRADE for bikes? FREE SHIPPING

*11k DELIVERED within 1000miles of 15301
Will trade for a cool bike, superbike, Supermoto, MX, combo of mx bike and some cash, modern ceramic Rolex etc. Been sitting in one of my garages for last 3months rather have the space or another bike or two. This is a 15k car all day with an afternoon of swapping a sensor or two. looking for something like 10k legitimate vale in trade or combination of neat toys and cash, no Harleys!

Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to present the majestic V12 BMW 8-Series... a black on black 91' with 133k on it.
A timeless design that will age like a fine wine, especially with the included GENUINE 18in German Bobert wheelset!

Everything works from the power tilt & telescope steering wheel to the roof to the heated seats. Pictures are with a layer of dust over entire car. Freshly changed oil and filter with Mobil 1 as well as flushed brakes w ATE blue. Recent brake lines, cabin filters and air filters, both batteries and some other odds and ends.
Grab it now before the new, 2nd gen 8 series launches and people start sucking these up.
Good PA inspection done in 7 of this yr, only driven a few times after which...
Can have classic/antique plates

Overall the condition is pretty good, and I have a lot of higher end toys and don't mess around with beaters. Its not a mint car but its absolutely better than the majority of them out there. Car is in washington pa 15301 and I can arrange shipping no problem anywhere.

price drop to 11k DELIVERED within 1000miles of 15301 because it needs a coolant temp sensor installed which is included.

Please text before calling if possible I have horrible reception on my farm.

***if you have a cool thing to trade and think "id love to work a deal but shipping both ways would be a hassle" shoot me a msg anyways, its really not a big deal I ship bikes and cars at least once a month.

848/1098/1198 bits for sale!

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