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What's the Verdict?

There's been very little activity so what do you all think of the V4? Happy with it? Problems? If you traded up is it significantly better than one of the V2's?

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Seemed to work well for Baustita at PI...
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Love my V4. Had an 848 before this, this made me put it up for trade. I never rode it until I took it off the dealership lot. I felt bad selling my 848, but that went away after 2 blocks.

As a new bike, I have had the recalls done as per Ducati. A bit of a pain but my dealership always let me take something out while it is being serviced.

I have a base model but I have no complaints. Would I buy an S? Maybe, for the adjustable suspension. I would try both before you make your decision.

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Old April 22nd, 2019, 12:15 AM   #4

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Peter I have 4 other Ducati’s, including a Panigale 1199S and brought a new Panigale V4 Speciale.

My 1199S has most of the electronics on the V4 including the suspension, so I was expecting the V4 to be similar but it is much better in all aspects, so a generational change. The handling is far better being at the same time more compliant yet extremely stable. The motor is a monster. Incredibly smooth and so powerful. It has a very wide linear power band with a very high top end. You need to only ride in very limited gears on the road.
On the track, it is simply phenomenal. You can go at similar lap times but it is so much easy to ride and no where near as tiring as an 1199 for example. And you can overtake just about anything, it is that fast.
All round it is a major step forward and well worth the upgrade. I’m very happy. Oh, did I mention the sound? Just like a very angry twin down low then this maniacal scream up top. Very much like a Ducati GP bike. Mine has the full titanium Akropovic system on it which comes with the Speciale model.
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Still have my 996 and my 1198 and I love my v4 got it in the winter an have already put 1000 miles on it
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Old June 8th, 2019, 11:43 AM   #6
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I am in love with mine. I got the V4S, and it is my first Ducati.

I am still trying to wrap my head around how quickly it turns and changes direction. I haven't really experienced the speed / power yet. I am still in the break in period. I'm trying to behave... The suspension is amazing, I have had electronic suspension on a HP4, and R1200GS. The electronic suspension of the BMWs was numb compared to analog suspension. It just didn't have the feeling, worked great but no feeling. The S has great feeling of what the road / tire is doing.

I have had several GSXRs, several S1000RRs including a HP4, so this is my first sport bike that isn't an inline 4.
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