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Originally Posted by DrgnRcr View Post
If this was 100% accurate, then they could sell the bike still in crate without the fees and allow the buyer to set up their own unit.

Setting up the bike to sell is a cost of doing business, just like the credit card fees to process payments. The amount charged should reflect actual time spent on prep. Several hours would be several hundred dollars. Upwards of a $1000 or more is merely a tactic to sell a product over the MSRP, which otherwise is prohibited by manufacturers. Yes, business' are in it for the profit but open markets also allow competition to reduce or eliminate this additional margin. Thus, it is not mandatory but a starting point for negotiations.

@TChase - I have never heard of a $300 oil change, absent an exotic. I'm sorry that's in your area. My preferred dealer charges $62.50 plus materials (half an hour labor) and will inspect the bike for free.
To be fair that is the “first” oil change.

And damn I can’t get Motul for that cheap let alone pay someone!
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Originally Posted by Tchase View Post
To be fair that is the “first” oil change.

And damn I can’t get Motul for that cheap let alone pay someone!
Don't get too excited, that's just labor; you still gotta pay for your preferred oil, filter and crush washer although I do provide Shell Advance Ultra that I buy for $10.50/quart elsewhere. It's all about shopping around.

Whenever I buy a new bike, I ask the dealer to include three washers, filters and 12 quarts for free. That holds me over for awhile and they end up making it back in future servicing and bike purchases.
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Originally Posted by Tchase View Post
It's always about competition, but lets talk about the root problem.

Why is there a "set up" fee at all, Ducati is giving them a commission for selling the bike? If we are buying new we are already taking a huge hit. I've never purchased a new Japanese brand, do they charge "set up" fees?
For me Ive always found the whole tactic shady as hell.

Yeah you are paying for the dealer to unpack and setup the bike, just put that IN THE PRICE. Be honest about the out the door price. I find it damned near impossible to get dealers to quote the actual price over the phone, which is why it comes off shady.

If a dealer lists it at $24k it should be $24k, not $24k +1800 in fees. If it takes $1800 to get the bike in saleable condition then it should be listed at $25,800.

Thanks to (car) dealer lobbies being so powerful at the state level they have basically killed any form of "truth in advertising" requirements.
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