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I get that about Marquez taking some of the excitement out of it - that if he finishes he's almost bound to win. But I take some enjoyment just from his insane ability on the bike, even though he's almost in a different class.
I too watch almost every second of practice and qualifying (as well as every race, slo-mos etc) which is where the relative closeness of Moto2 and 3 can make MotoGP seem a bit lacking in the four-bikes-wide corner entry stakes.
But there were some excellent races. Whether you want Ducati to win, Rossi to win, an underdog make to improve (or an Aussie to find success!) there was something for everybody. The camera technology continues to improve, with more and more technology applied to showing us more and more detail.
And news overnight that Zarco will be riding a Ducati, presumably getting Abraham's ride, although the riders have been unhappy in that team, precipitating Abraham's departure, so Zarco may not last the whole year if that continues.
But, as we say here: "when too much motorcycle racing is barely enough" - borrowed from legendary 'sport comedians' Roy and HG. (Worth looking up if you don't know their work).
Nice to visit this place again after some time, and good to see T-Chase holding his own. You have become something of a 'blogger' over the years mate! Your writing has improved out of sight, and your balanced approach still refreshing. Good work.
So yes, Marquez' (M's!) superiority will undoubtedly be a factor in the closeness of the racing next year again, but there are a number of riders getting closer. Vinales, Quartararo and Morbidelli for example, if the Yamaha can be improved in the off-season.
The bikes may improve to varying degrees in their 2020 form, and some riders (eg Miller) will be on higher level machinery. Plenty to look forward to, and I guess to some degree we should rejoice in Marc's talent, as we did when Rossi was dominant for all those years.
But the 'playing field' is more level since those days, making Marc's achievements all the more admirable, so let's bear that in mind. And he IS human, as he reminds us every now and then with some pretty ordinary 'offs'.
Next year won't be all his way, even though he remains the favourite in betting terms. We may see a bit more of the fragility that we glimpsed occasionally as Fabio continues to treat him like 'just another rider'. No room for prima donnas out there next year. It will be all in, and Marc may not be as dominant as he has been.
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