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Scambler vs Street 500 vs Bolt

Hello guys..this is my first post and I am relatively a new rider in Australia..I have ridden motorcycles elsewhere but not much in Australia..I have got a full license and few months ago I did a mistake of buying a Hyosung GV250..I thought I will start with 250 but soon I realised that I need at least 500 and bit more grunt..there is no fun..Its going to be little long post, so please bear with me..

Now I like the look of the cruiser but I like little speed and fun too..I dont like the look of hardcore sportsbilke..So I want something a mix which goes relatively quick and looks good too..I drive quick cars and love speed..thats how I have come to these 3 contenders..I understand they are three different types of bikes and all and its not easy to put them all against each other but this 3 are the ones I shortlisted..

I weigh only 58 kgs and dont want very heavy bike..The purpose of the bike is mainly commuting to work..Street 500 looks really nice, new platoform, new engine, under 10k, looks promising to me. Its not very very quick but relatively sporty??

Bolt looks good too but not entirely sure if its the right bike for me..the seat looks bit far from the tank and not sure if its comfortable..the specs look good and paper and seems quite quick..

then comes to scrambler..I just came across it and the moment I looked at it, I loved it! It doesn't look like hardcore sportsbike nor like the styling..and when I saw the specs, I was super lightweight yet plenty of power with great styling..

I know I have to test ride all of these to get the full idea but what do you experts think?

If you are in my position, which one will you pick and why?

Thanks in advance.
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I would choose the Scrambler first, just 'cause I'm a Ducati guy and I think they look better than the others too.
I've also ridden the Bolt. One of the new "C-Specs" would be my second choice, as I like it's pegs that are further back and clip on bars that give it just a hint of cafe style.
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You buy HD's Street 500 and within a few months, you'll sell it because it's boring, as boring as Buell Blast. You buy the Yamaha Bolt, it looks good but you'll sell it within a few months because it's boring, as boring as Suzuki Gladius. You buy the Ducati Scrambler and you're hook to it for life.
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On an impulse, which is always dangerous, I purchased a brand new HD Street 750 back in March. After trading in a 2006 Suzuki Boulevard C50T, I was thrilled to death with the Street. Visually appealing blacked out looks, low center of gravity, nimble, quick.......slightly different ride than my Suzuki cruiser. Never looked at another bike and never read any reviews. Ignorance is bliss and I couldn't have been happier.

A month later, I started doing a little bit of research. My honeymoon with the Street was over. I really like the bike but was not loving it. The passion was gone. Thank goodness it is a motorcycle and not a woman, so it was okay to look around and check things out. Which I would highly recommend you do unless you want to be like me...........a two bike owner.

After trying to cool myself down a bit and be a little less impulsive, I purchased my Scrambler Full Throttle this past Friday. The personality of the bikes are very different. Consider the Street a, nimble, fluid........the engine purrs. The FT is more of a can feel the power wanting to be let go, the more aggressive sound of the engine and exhaust..........I was lost the moment I test drove the Icon demo. Unlike the Street, my pulse rate increases when I toss my leg over the saddle of the Scrambler.......I'm looking forward to breaking it in.

Anyone interested in buying a slightly used HD Street 750?
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