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Gt1000 problem

Hi all,

My 2007 Gt stopped starting recently. It would turn over but not fire up unless I jump started it. I figured maybe a battery so I replaced it and it ran well for a couple of rides but then died while riding at speed. Behaved as though the kill switch was shut off. when I stopped once again it would turn over but not fire up but again, I was able to jump start it.?? This happened one more time so I headed home - 3 hour ride at freeway speed - with no problems and it's still starting and running but I'm scared to take it anywhere for fear of getting stranded. I wish it would just break! Any ideas? Thanks in advance!!

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Peter! Over on one of the other Ducati forums, I have a long story with similar symptoms on my '07 GT1000
So in a nutshell, it was bad gas and I did the following:

New fuel filter.

Checked condition of fuel pump, all related o-rings etc inside the fuel tank.

New fuel lines to injectors.

Cleaned gummy grunge from intakes.

Had injectors professionally cleaned, they're easy to remove btw.

New gas, non ethanol and believe me, ethanol gas being a bad thing is for real!

I should back up a bit and inform you on how I isolated it to fueling rather than an ecu issue. With tank and in my case, the K&N filter pods removed, I sprayed carb cleaner right down the intake, hit the starter button and the bike started in an instant and ran until that fuel was done.

So, it runs well now but idles low. At 11k on the odometer, I need to do a valve check. I got the bike fall of 2018 and have ridden it maybe 20 miles. I ride my Streetfighter and just admire the GT. So that project is next.

Anyway, I hope this helps. If you want to go step by step, is the age of the fuel in question? If yes, start there, but you rode it for 3 hours? Hmm. Perhaps a product like Seafoam to run through the fuel system? Then think about fuel filter and as I mentioned, getting to the injectors isn't too difficult for a look and perhaps an overnight soak in a product like Seafoam. Good luck.
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