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About to Make a huge mistake - HELP!

My wife is out of town and a beautiful ST4s is advertised nearby (Shiny Grey with Red wheels - 9,200 miles - after market seat). I've been looking for awhile for either a ST4S or a HD Vrod (I know - way different bikes). I want something unique. If I wanted something easy I'd get a V-Star and call it a day. Anyway....

I'm going over to look at the ST4S this weekend. What do I need to look out for? What questions should I ask the owner? What are the typical weak-spots for this bike (2003).

Like I said in my post - I'm about to make a HUGE mistake and buy this bike. Arm me with some info to at least give me a fighting chance of saying 'no'.
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No mistake there, look for usual things (tires chain sprockets brake pads) and buy the thing

Make sure belts are less than 5 years old or change them.

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The color scheme is called Senna, after the road racer Ayrton Senna. Ducati made several model Senna color systems (916, 748, 900, Monster, etc). My 2003 ST4s is a Senna. I've had it for 10 years and done most of the work on it myself.

The 996 engine is susceptible to rocker arm flaking, so you need to find out if the shims and belts have been attended to in the last few years. A bike that is 17 years old with that few miles is suspicious at the get-go. Look at the tires (the date is stamped on the outside) and figure to replace them right off, as well as doing a full service, which is about $1400 depending. If you are mechanically inclined, then you can learn to do it yourself. Then you will want to get the Desmo Times maintenance manual for desmoquatro engines (Desmo Times Home Page). Go to written and promotional.

The bikes are very reliable. Gary Eagan used an ST4 to set several long distance records: https://www.topspeed.com/motorcycles...m-ar33492.html

Hope it works out for you.

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