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Engine heat

How is the engine heat on this bike when around town or extending lane splitting in traffic?
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This is based on only 222 miles as of yesterday. I took a 50 mile ride and the only time I was aware of excessive heat was sitting at a stop-light. Running in 3rd gear most of the way the temp gauge read 170 - 175 F and was unnoticeable, but stopped at a light for maybe 30 - 45 seconds it reached 219 (the highest I noticed) quickly, and I could feel the heat on the right side up my leg. Cooled back down as soon as I got going.

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Just had the same issue. Dealer said euro 4 run hotter and said shouldnít get above about 220. I swear it didnít start out like that and after a track day it changed. Itís not even ambient hot and it does that. Off freeway at 180. First stoplight and itís then 210.

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