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Color change started. 800ss

During the winter season I decided to paint my Ducati from Giallo Ducati (yellow) to Rosso Anniversary Ducati (red). So I thought I’d share the steps and pictures in doing so and see what you all think.
While I have the fairings off, I’m going to do some repairs and fix a crack in the plastic.
The fiberglass repair in the picture is the cracked fairing. Before putting on the fiberglass I used a 36 grit die grinder and sanded it so the fiberglass has something to grab on to then I drilled a hole at the end of the crack so it won’t continue any further.
After the inside fiberglass dries I’ll put on 2-3 layers on the outside then body filler, primer then paint.

BTW. Anyone know how to take the padding off the gas tank?
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Old February 10th, 2020, 11:40 PM   #2
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Update. First three pictures is the cracked fairing repair.
6 hours of repairing and prepping all 10 parts are painted.
Next, change timing belts while I have the fairings off, then reinstall newly painted parts.
Final pictures with all Rosso (red) parts on the bike coming soon...
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Old February 12th, 2020, 07:18 PM   #3
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Looks really good so far. As for the tank pad I read it's just held on with a really strong glue but I just pried the pad away from the tank a bit and put spacers to hold it out and painted a bit under where the pad would cover and it's not noticable at all.

my project was my first Ducati 2001 750 Sport that a former friend crashed in 2007 that I finally got around to restoring in 2016
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