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Hello again....

Hey all my Ducatisti’s! I may have been a former member on this forum but could not get my user name and emails to match up so I created another account. I own (and track) an 800ss with light modifications. Looking for a few things to make it a little better or upgrade to an 848.... time will tell. I’ve low sided the girl at a couple different race tracks hence my user name but they have all spared any major necessary repairs. I will poke around a while. I’m certain this has been a topic many times and I’ll see if I can find old posts but am looking to upgrade the non-adjustable Marzocchis to something more suitable for track riding and adjustments. I have played with oil levels and viscocities to get the stock set tolerable (once accidentally hydrolocking them prior to a track day that ultimately led to one of the low sides) Any help on this topic would be great. I’ve seen 1000ss showas and orher Sr4 monster forks with 65mm caliper bolt spacing that look like they would bolt right in to my triple but I’m hesitant to pull the trigger for fear that Ill get something that would not work or needs more modification to the platform than needed.
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The marzocchi can be a good fork, just get the internals swapped out for something like a racetech gold or whatever then have a specialized suspension shop set it up. I've loved the results from the ones I had done, my 620 SS and my 1098 had the showa's redone.
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