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Ohlins steering damper recall

SAFETY RECALL EXPANDED:11/25/2013Íhlins Aftermarket Steering Damper BracketsHendersonville, North Carolina: Íhlins Racing AB has discovered that the safety issue of the possibility of cracks occurring in the brackets of the aftermarket steering damper kits, effects more model numbers than originally listed in the previous recall notice for BMW steering damper kits SD 033, SD 037 and SD 038, issued in June 2013.The cause of this expanded recall is material that was machined in an unfavorable direction, in combination with probable material defect, causing the aluminum alloy to be sensitive to stress-corrosion cracking. This recall is valid for the additional steering damper kits listed below, that were produced from September 2008 until October 2013.The issue does not exist on steering damper kits currently being produced. Seven known cases have been discovered so far, and as a result of this Íhlins Racing AB has decided to recall all steering damper brackets of specific batches. There is a risk that the bracket will fail, allowing it to slide on the cylinder body of the damper, resulting in less steering angle in one direction, or possibly asymmetric damping. Either of these events are cause for concern.Customers with a steering damper listed in the links below need to contact their dealer, or Íhlins USA. Any questions can be answered by using the contact information provided below. New brackets will be made available to dealers for replacement with a preliminary starting date in November, 2013. Please remove the recalled steering damper before using the motorcycle!We apologize for this manufacturing issue. Safety is of the highest importance to Íhlins Racing AB and its affiliates. Customer will receive a replacement bracket without charge or shipping costs.Recalled Steering Damper Part numbers are listed here:SAFETY RECALL EXPANDED Part NumbersThePrevious recall for BMW Steering Dampers can be found here:Steering Damper Bracket Recall

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Oh holy smoke this is no joke. I didn't know about this recall earlier, and this unit failed on me over the weekend. The bracket through which the damper body itself slides cracked completely through, on either side of the bolt. This causes the damper body to bind when moving back and forth, and in my case caused a sudden effective hard stop of the steering at just a few degrees to the left that required my prodigious mad skillz to keep my 848 up.

Fortunately Gary at Ohlins USA has been quick to put things right.

I'm loath to put anything of the sort back on the bike after that, thinking I'll take my chances with head-shake-turn-tank-slapper over the horror of having my steering instantly freeze on me from something I had no control over. But maybe with time and Ohlins otherwise excellent reputation I can eventually recover from my PTSD and mount the replacement.

I post this here in the hopes that it can help others who may be riding with this defect unknowingly. These faulty brackets were last manufactured in late 2013. I mounted mine in 2013 and just had it fail now (~15K miles). There are lots of them still out there, and just a handful of reported cases of the failure occurring, 7 or 8 or something like that. Now mine. But don't blow off this recall. Figure out if you have one of these units and contact Ohlins at 828 692 4525 even if it all looks fine. Believe me you don't want to be number 10. It's not fun.

The pic shows the crack in the clamp that should be all one piece, and the chewed up damper housing that resulted from my frantic but futile attempts to break through the bind.
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