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ducatis in the registry:

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Not sure where in Canada you're from but if it's Ontario it's dead easy. Just take the Vin to the local MTO and at worst you may have to get a sworn statement that it's not stolen if there's no information available on it.

I'd had a few vehicles that I yanked from some farmers field, fixed up for the road and just paid the ten bucks for a new vehicle ownership. Elton is exactly right about the title, when I got my first Ducati I had to pretty much order it and when it came it only had the MSO and I had to do the leg work to get a ownership myself. I wish I hadn't had to give that up to the MTO, it was on a beautiful piece of parchment like paper from Ducati.

When you register it in Ontario for it to change hands you have to pay a thirty some dollar fee for a "lein package" and depending on the transaction the black book value of the taxes. Shouldn't apply to you since you basicly inherited it. No big deal either way.

If I were you I'd just go to your MTO or DMV and tell them your story, should be able to fix you up in minutes.
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Thanks guys you were a big help now I just need to find a buyer and get all that other stuff done, and i should be on my way (hopefully).
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Originally Posted by NewbieDucati View Post
I know the bike itself is a Ducati cadet 100 but i'm not to sure about what year it might be i figure around 75-76 cause i was told it was somewhere from that time and it only has 400k...can anyone help i can't find any info on this bike
Hello All,

Just spotted this thread.

I had a Ducati 100 (a G registration 2-stroke, so 1969 and I may remember the Reg. No. in good time) as my first road-bike which I passed my test on in Southport, Lancashire, U.K. in 1971/2.

I bought the bike from a friend of my Dad's (Bill Smith, PBUH) and Dad's Ducati Enthusiast friend, Bert Halliwell (PBUH) and who had a Ducati 200 Elite which he and Daisy used to ride over to the IoM TT every year, from who I later bought a Ducati Daytona (250cc - CDJ 144B) as a frame and three boxes of parts, which I then rebuilt in the Kitchen at Home (my Mum was not too impressed, until she saw the completed bike!) and then rode the Daytona for several years.

Coincidentally, as an Apprentice Engineer I found out in around 1973 that one of my work-colleagues had been the original owner of the bike in 1964 and had a photograph of the bike as-new (it's a very small world!)!

My being of 25% Manx origin (Dad was 50% Manx), we used to go to the IoM TT on a regular basis and I have had the Ducati Daytona and my Dad's Yamaha YDS5E (1969) around the TT Course in pretty quick-time (though the Creg was a bit hairy at high-speed).

The Ducati 100 was a fan-assisted single-cylinder 2-stroke (sort of a Vespa engine in a Motorbike frame!) and I believe was part of a consignment bound for the USA on a ship that foundered/sunk en-route and with a number of Ducati 100's being acquired by Bill Hannah, a Motorcycle Dealer based at Great George Street in Liverpool.

I loved the Ducati 100, though it was not quite the most powerful bike for its capacity.

I (regretfully) sold the bike around 1972/3 to the Girlfriend of another rider, and as her first bike, as I had then moved on to the much more powerful and faster Ducati 250cc Daytona.

I am sure/hopeful that both Ducati's are still around and are probably worth a fortune today.

In around 1998/99, I did contact the Ducati Museum, as I could not find any mention of the Ducati 100 listed as being a part of the Ducati heritage, and I was surprised that Ducati had somehow forgotten the existence of the Ducati 100 Cadet 2-stroke.

Hope this helps?

Kind regards,

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